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On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 6:43 PM, kunal <kunal.t2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> - Work on the parallel parts: Min Ragan-Kelley has made phenomenal
>> progress recently on this, but it's possible that despite his
>> super-human abilities, he might still have more ideas than time to
>> code them up.  Now with the zmq support we have fairly ambitious plans
>> for what can be done with ipython, so there will be plenty of work on
>> this front.
> Hi fernando,
> The work suggested above on parallel parts and zmq sounds interesting.
> I have a bit of experience using pyzmq too. So can you please point me
> further in this direction. It would be great if i could work on them for
> GSOC 2011. But i must know what i am in for , before i begin :) right !

If you are interested in this, I think the first step would be to
begin looking over Min's pull request for his new parallel stuff that
uses zmq:


Some of the initial docs for this are here:


I would recommend the following types of things at this point:

* Grab Min's branch and start to read the code and run it.
* Help us to do the code review for the pull request.  This alone is
going to be a huge effort.
* Come up with real life examples problems that can be parallelize
using this.  Study their performance behavior.
* Start to study the design and think about improvements.

I think that by the time you do some/all of these things, you will
have a much better sense of this code and have ideas on next steps to



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