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Klonuo Umom klonuo at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 09:06:52 EDT 2011

Hi, I just saw demo page, and please allow me to comments that Sphinx 
system looks great as always, but header on demo page does not look 
good. It's too dark with unnecessary gradient background image. 

Following Sphinx or matplotlib portal, with some graphic is good idea, 
and other is just try same colors as footer for header wrapper (together 
with 3/4px bottom border) 


On 11.06.2011 14:07:55 Thomas Kluyver wrote:

> Hi Carl,
> The live site is at http://ipython.org/ , and the source code is at
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython-website .
> In terms of the logo, I think the only visually distinctive thing about
> IPython are the prompts, which inspired the existing IP[y] logo. We could
> also have some reference to the yellow & blue Python logo (
> http://python.org/), but on the other hand, we're pitching this as an
> environment for data exploration and interactive computing in general, not
> only as a Python shell.
> I've CCed in the dev list - Carl has offered to design some sort of
> banner-style logo for the top of our website (see the sites for matplotlib
> and sphinx for examples). Any suggestions on what it should look like? Do we
> have any theme it should fit in with?
> Finally, don't spend too long doing this, because it's been suggested that
> if IPython gets some funding, some of it might go on professional design for
> this sort of thing. I understand that this isn't definite, though.
> Thanks,
> Thomas

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