[IPython-dev] Helping battle testing the newapp branch

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 18:35:37 EDT 2011


Min has done an absolutely fantastic job in finishing the config
refactor.  The result is in this branch:


The changes are massive and affect all of the top level applications.
A pretty solid code review has been done, but before we merge this, it
would be fantastic if we could have other people help try it out.
Somethings to look at:

* The top level applications:

ipython -h
ipcluster -h

* Subcommands:

ipython profile
ipython qtconsole
ipcluster start

* Command line options and flags (see the help strings).
* Creation and selection of profiles.
* Editing config files

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  And thanks to Min for doing
such a great job.



Brian E. Granger
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
bgranger at calpoly.edu and ellisonbg at gmail.com

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