[IPython-dev] Docstrings for magic functions

Arnaud Gardelein agardelein at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 19 12:09:14 EDT 2011


I'm Arnaud, new to this mailing list but using ipython since a little
more than a year now. I really like IPython features and decided to
write an application on top of it, oscopy, a kind of oscilloscope to
view electrical simulation results (oscopy.org).

It consist of a framework and an application that use heavily magic
functions to facilitate the access to framework functions. I have
documented those functions with docstrings, that can be displayed by
typing %magic_name?, for the user it would be simpler to use 'help
magic_name'. For instance I have tried to do 'help lsmagic' but of
course lsmagic is not defined in global scope.
Is there a way have this working ?



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