[IPython-dev] Helping battle testing the newapp branch

Min RK benjaminrk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 01:37:12 EDT 2011

Yes, it is going to be standard for the cluster profile and interactive IPython to be different - the profile for the Client is principally for connection info, and the shell profile is for configuring your interactive environment.  There's no reason to change your interactive config just to connect to a different cluster.

That said, the default profile of the Client should probably be that of the current application, not just 'default'.


On Jun 20, 2011, at 22:11, Johann Cohen-Tanugi <johann.cohen-tanugi at lupm.univ-montp2.fr> wrote:

> hi- I don't think we should print the profile name in the default case,
>> it's just noise.  I realize we now have a more consistent structure
>> for profiles and even the default case is now a profile, but we should
>> keep the amount of printed stuff to a minimum in the default cases.
> Actually I have a question here : I was trying newapp, following Min's advice, to try to add the LSF support in parallel.apps. From what I could gather
> I did
> ipcluster start -p lsf -n 2
> which created profile_lsf in my $HOME/.ipython directory, but then when I started another terminal window for the ipython session, I typed
> ipython profile=lsf
> and this loaded the default profile, so that I had to type :
> from IPython.parallel import Client
> c = Client(profile='lsf')
> so that unless this is a bug or an operator mistake, there seems to be 2 'profiles' in such a use case : the ipython global one, and the parallel lsf one. I find that a bit confusing, and maybe there is a way to merge the 2?
> best,
> Johann

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