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Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:19:58 EDT 2011

On 21 June 2011 18:33, Klonuo <klonuo at gmail.com> wrote:

> SVG usage as header logo is interesting idea, although a bit avant
> garde, as I'm not sure how wide spread is this approach and what are
> browser considerations with embedded fonts.
> Then how browsers renders this fonts? For example IE9 font rendering
> engine looks very different then FireFox or IE8 or other browsers.
> What would be difference if we use vector objects instead fonts?
> And is SVG font rendered, subpixel antialiased or standard antialiased?
> About "@font-face directive in CSS" I'm not sure what you mean?

I don't know the details of font rendering, but if we converted it to letter
shapes, it should look the same on any supporting browser, I think. Then we
could include a PNG as a fallback.

@font-face is a way to load a reference to a font that you can then use in a
CSS font-family definition. Most browsers now support it, although IE only
had partial support until v9 (http://caniuse.com/#feat=fontface ). Browsers
that don't support it would just use fallback font families as is normal
with CSS.

> At the end, I'm not sure also about "[y]" size/spacing reconsiderations?
> Do you expect me to redo logos or you can choose font without redoing? I
> think this is not that big drawback and we can choose font besides it,
> afterwhich I'll adjust elements on chosen font (in case of Droid it
> already looks fine to me)
> And if you have other font ideas, point at it

The top ones look fine to me, but I'll let other people comment on
typographic matters! Hope this isn't getting too frustrating - we should
have a decision soon.

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