[IPython-dev] website banner filename change

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 17:25:30 EDT 2011


thanks to everyone for the work on the site, it looks great and it's
now live at ipython.org!

Thomas, quick thing: could you change the name of the banner file to
something other than 'banner'?  The reason for this odd request is
that I noticed that in certain configurations, AdBlock will block any
image file called 'banner.png'.  So anyone who goes to our site and
happens to have adblock installed with those settings simply won't see
our banner at all, and they won't even know there's a problem, they'll
simply see the site without the banner anywhere (and hence, will have
no navigation pointer back to the homepage either).

It seems safest simply to name it something else, like header_logo, or
anything that doesn't match an aggressive *banner* regexp...



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