[IPython-dev] Feedback on slides for SIAM CSE presentation?

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 04:18:44 EST 2011

Hi folks,

At the SIAM CSE 2011 conference, in conjunction with Hans-Petter
Langtangen (you may know his scientific computing books) and Randy
LeVeque, we've oranized a minisymposium on python for scientific
computing, in two parts:


As you can see there, we'll have two talks specifically about ipython.
 In the second one, Min will focus on the parallel aspects, while in
the first I'll try do introduce the project and the new interactive
architecture.  If you have any feedback on the slides, I'd appreciate
it (talk time is 25 minutes):


Note: I don't expect them to be 'read', as I try to create slides that
complement/support what I'll be saying instead of reading out loud, so
I realize it's not easy to give the best of feedbacks.  But if you see
anything you think can be improved, I'm all ears.



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