[IPython-dev] Multiple outputs per input line

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 14:46:30 EDT 2011

On 3/14/11 12:40 PM, Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> On 14 March 2011 17:22, Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com
> <mailto:robert.kern at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     You would just ORDER BY the autoincrementing primary key.
> Indeed. And then fold together the outputs matching a single input. But I prefer
> it the way I've done it.
>     But anyways, as Brian points out, we did decide some time ago that exactly one
>     output should go to the displayhook, and the current behavior is probably a
>     regression. For the SQLite history, just use the last one.
> OK. I'll leave it as is for now, because I can get the multiple outputs at a
> plain Python prompt, so it doesn't seem immediately "wrong". If we do remove
> that possibility, I'll put it back to assuming single outputs.

I think you can consider that possibility removed. We did discuss this in the 
past, so I suspect that the remaining behavior is a regression. Trying to keep 
multiple outputs in the history seems to be adding too much complexity for no 
real gain.

Robert Kern

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