[IPython-dev] ipython in a background thread

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue May 3 08:07:49 EDT 2011

On 3 May 2011 12:36, Zachary Pincus <zachary.pincus at yale.edu> wrote:

> I was looking at that -- unless I'm wrong, that throws up a window and
> emulates a terminal (or rather, runs ipython) inside of it? I was hoping to
> avoid that sort of approach, actually, and use a dedicated terminal
> emulator. However, if folks with more experience with this sort of thing
> than I have decided that the latter approach really isn't workable, I
> suppose the former will have to do.

You can have the terminal running alongside GUI toolkits, and as far as I
know the code should still be in 0.10.2 (I don't know where, but it's under
IPython/lib in the dev version). I believe we do this by joining the
terminal and GUI event loops, rather than threading, but I've not looked
much at the relevant code. There isn't an implementation for Pyglet yet.

With the Qt GUI, it's possible to display images inline, rather than just
text. I don't know if it's what you're after, but it might be worth looking

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