[IPython-dev] wxPython console

Emmanuel Bacry emmanuel.bacry at polytechnique.fr
Thu Nov 3 09:51:43 EDT 2011

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
First of all : ALL what you've said is of big help to me! And I thank you
for that.

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> I don't think the speed of sending output to the console is a big issue.
> We use the Qt console for scientific work, and it's normally quite fast
> enough, including things like sending base-64 encoded PNGs.
OK, maybe you're right. 

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> It does make sense, though, that you don't want to keep sending big
> objects
> between two processes. The way we've handled this is to have all the data
> and processing in the 'kernel', and use the frontend simply for input and
> display. Some version of this approach might work for you, but I don't
> know
> exactly what you're trying to do.
It is important to me to have very interactive display.
So the display is constantly accessing the kernel data... I don't think your
solution would work.

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> I think it should be possible to create an InteractiveShell object (from
> IPython.core.interactiveshell) and use it directly. 
You mean use it directly within a wx main loop right ?

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> Some key points:
> Instantiation parameters:
> config: pass an IPython.config.loader.Config instance to set config values
> user_ns: pass a dictionary containing variables which will appear in the
> user namespace.
> (these, and all the other parameters are optional - omit them for a
> default
> IPython with an empty namespace)
Yes I got that already, however how do I redirect output ?

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> Methods:
> run_cell: Run some code as if it had been typed in at the shell.
> push: Pass a dictionary of variables to be added to the IPython namespace.
> complete: Complete some expression at a prompt (tab completion). See the
> docstring for details.
> magic: Run a magic command (see %lsmagic)
For complete : it actually does exactly what happens when I hit the tab key
on the ipython console ?
How do I manage multiple lines command ?
Le me be clear : how do I know a command is not complete  so I should print
a prompt with a tab ?
Is there a method that deals with managing all that for me ?

Thomas Kluyver-2 wrote:
> Also, the InteractiveShell object has a history_manager attribute which
> handles input & output history.
> At some point, we should probably make an InteractiveShellProxy class
> wrapping a kernelmanager so it's easy to switch between in-process and
> out-of-process IPython.

Thank you


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