[IPython-dev] wxPython console

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:59:28 EST 2011

On 8 November 2011 19:52, Emmanuel Bacry <emmanuel.bacry at polytechnique.fr>wrote:

> Well, no I was careful not to redirect stdout nor stderr.
> I am not using a debugger
> I do start the application from the terminal, when the command is correct,
> the output goes to the terminal, if it is not, the thead does not end

I'm not sure, then. This comment in showtraceback() might be helpful, but
I'm not sure:

 # WARNING: these variables are somewhat deprecated and not
 # necessarily safe to use in a threaded environment, but tools
 # like pdb depend on their existence, so let's set them.  If we
 # find problems in the field, we'll need to revisit their use.

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