[IPython-dev] Heads-up for notebook users: on-disk format changes for version-control friendliness

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Thu Nov 10 23:30:07 EST 2011

hey fernando,

> We already have that in place, and once we release we'll be much stricter
> with version number checks.


> But we didn't actually bump the version number with this change (perhaps
> we should have, I hope it won't be too much of a hassle since right now
> only people running off git can use it, and it's a 'git pull' away).

i'm ok with this, most of my collaborators currently are using the latest
version anyway! (but from a principled perspective, it should change :) )



ps. i'll get to making the feature requests perhaps on my way to dc
tomorrow. sorry i have been way beyond busy. i need to change my life!
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