[IPython-dev] IPython notebooks: the next frontier in long-distance parenting

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:22:55 EDT 2011

A few days ago I taught a workshop at Berkeley for some folks where I
showed the notebook, and one of the attendees was here visiting away
from his home.  This morning I received this cool note:

I also wanted to share with you an ipython anecdote, that shows the
multiple uses of your python efforts. Last Sunday morning, while still
in Berkeley, my daughter texted me for some urgent help with her math
homework. They're doing some simple functions, tables and graphs, but
pretty hard stuff to explain and show over the phone. Ipython notebook
to the rescue! I did the examples she needed help with in the
notebook, including some tables, graphs, printed results and comments.
Saved it and sent her by email. Daughter was happy, and daddy felt
less bad about traveling the globe instead of helping the kids with
their homework. Happy days. All thanks to the ipython notebook, and a
certain Dr. Perez! Next time I’ll have her log on to the notebook
remotely :-)


I really got a kick out of that, but wanted to share it because the
real credit is certainly not mine.



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