[IPython-dev] notebook with password authentication

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Thu Oct 13 12:10:02 EDT 2011

hi chris,

thanks. i've now added an issue which will extend the documentation.

indeed there is vary basic authentication available and is highly
recommended to do this over an SSL connection. for security reasons this
password cannot be provided on the command line and has to be encoded in the
notebook config file.

here is the relevant section from my ipython_notebook_config.py

the documentation for creating the certificate file is on the web.


# The full path to an SSL/TLS certificate file.
c.IPythonNotebookApp.certfile = u'/users/satra/mycert.pem'

# The FQDN or IP for WebSocket connections. The default will work fine when
# server is listening on localhost, but this needs to be set if the ip
option is
# used. It will be used as the hostname part of the WebSocket url:
# ws://hostname/path.
c.IPythonNotebookApp.ws_hostname = 'fullname.mit.edu'

# The IP address the notebook server will listen on.
c.IPythonNotebookApp.ip = '*'

c.IPythonNotebookApp.password = u'password'



On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 12:02 PM, Chris Kees <cekees at gmail.com> wrote:

> Did I understand correctly that the notebook can be configured to
> require a password? If so, could somebody point me to the
> documentation on how to do that? I can't seem to find the correction
> option to add to my 'ipython notebook' command. -Chris
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