[IPython-dev] bzr to git migration

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 20:29:31 EDT 2011


On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 2:05 PM, Jörgen Stenarson
<jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu> wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> I'm planning to move pyreadline over to github. Did you ever write up
> how you did the migration from launchpad to github? I'm wondering how to
> get all the branches into a single git repo properly.
> All bzr to git documents I've seen focus on a single bzr branch.

I migrated the nipy repository from bzr to git, but took care to merge
everything into a single branch before I did it.

However, I think, that if you do the standard git->bzr migration, and
it picks up all the commit times and dates, then you will be able to
apply the same migration script to several branches, and then pull
them into one git repo, because commits that are identical in bzr
should be identical in git.

I mean something like:

mkdir git_branch1
my_migration_script.sh bzr_branch1 git_branch1 # converts bzr_branch1
to git repo
mkdir git_branch2
my_migration_script.sh bzr_branch2 git_branch2 # convert bzr_branch2 to git repo

cd git_branch2
git remote add branch1_repo ../git_branch1
git fetch branch1_repo
git branch branch1 branch1_repo/master

- if you see what I mean?

If I'm wrong, then

git remote add branch1_repo ../git_branch1
git fetch branch1_repo

will say something like 'warning, no commits in common'...



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