[IPython-dev] multiline history

Dave Hirschfeld dave.hirschfeld at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 04:08:31 EDT 2011

Jörgen Stenarson <jorgen.stenarson <at> bostream.nu> writes:

> Hi,
> why have multiline history become the default in the terminal (master)?
> At least on windows this makes no sense since pyreadline can not edit 
> more than one line.
> /Jörgen

Hmm, that's slightly strange - I'm running the latest git checkout of IPython
with 32bit Python 2.7.2 on Win7 x64 and the multiline edit seems to be working
great for me (and is a major improvement from pre-0.11).

When I scroll up through the history I get the multiline history coming up with
the cursor at the top. I can then continue to scroll up through the history or
can move down through the multiline block and change the contents. To re-execute
I just go to the end of the multiline block and press enter.

It might be because I've got access to most unix commands through the RTools and
Git packages which are both on my path.


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