[IPython-dev] ipython qt on Windows

Kevin Buchs kevin.buchs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:24:31 EDT 2011

I haven't been able to run the Qt console on MS Windows XP since ipython
0.11 was released (.rc versions worked). I decided to clean things up and
retry today.

I did an install of python2.7 from python.org. Next, easy_install
<path-to-ipython0.11.zip>.  That gave a few warnings about "no previously
included files ..." a few times, but it finished without error. When I tried
to run either of these ways:
 1.  C:\Python27\Scripts\ipython-qtconsole.exe  or
 2.  C:\Python27\Python.exe C:\Python27\Scripts\ipython-qtconsole-script

I got 1. nothing, 2. complaint about missing pygments.styles.
Did easy_install pygments.

Then 2. complaint about missing pyzmq >= 2.1.4.
Did easy_install pyzmq, which installed version 2.1.10.

Then 2. complaint saying it "requires pyzmq >= 2.1.4, but you have 2.1.10".
Math doesn't work out.
Then 1. nothing.
I tried an .msi install of version 2.1.4 of pyzmq, but still got the
complaint about 2.1.10 not >= 2.1.4, so I suppose I have to try to figure
out how to uninstall 2.1.10.

Am I making some mistakes here?
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