[IPython-dev] Ipython - dev on debian sid (zmq suppport)

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 30 09:22:24 EDT 2011

On 10/30/2011 02:18 PM, massimo di stefano wrote:
> Hi All,
> i'm tring to install Ipython (git version) on my linux debian (sid 64 bit)
> unlucky i'm not able to add the zmq support,
> because of a mismatch in the dependence.
> the message i had is about the zmq version :
> IPython.zmq requires pyzmq >= 2.1.4, but you have 2.1.10
> i guess there is something wrong ...  2.1.10 should be > 2.1.4 , is it ?
> the configure script return the same worning :
> Please, have you any clue on what's going wrong ?

This is issue 870:

The startup bug should be fixed with the latest git. The message at
configure time is not fixed yet, but you can ignore that.

Debian sid does not have pyzmq 2.1.10 yet, thus it is not yet fixed in
the debian package.
A fixed ipython will be uploaded at the same time as pyzmq 2.1.10.

Best Regards,
Julian Taylor

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