[IPython-dev] msg_type moved to 'header'?

Paul Ivanov pivanov314 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 21:49:41 EDT 2011

Hey there,

I just updated trunk and had to spend some time tracking down why
vim-ipython's shell wasn't working like it was in 0.11

turns out that 'msg_type' moved from being just inside a messsage, to
being inside a message's header, i.e. m['msg_type'] is now

I made a pull request for a note about this backwards
incompatible change to be included in development.txt - but 
wonder if this change is worth making. (ok, i see it is, figured
it out as I wrote this)

<naive me>
I can imagine there might be folks out there writing ipython
integrated applications using the messaging spec in 0.11, perhaps
to interface with a text editor, that'll have to support both
versions of the spec, but it's not clear what the win is of
moving msg_type to the header.

Do these hypothetical folks have to bite the bullet this time
around, or might there be some recourse and a
backwards-compatible reinstatement of 'msg_type' to top level.
</naive me>

oh, it looks like in 0.11 'msg_type' was replicated in both the
top level and in the header, so the above all makes sense now,
and top level removal is not that big of a deal.

so consider this message being encouragement to document these
type of changes as they're merged. :)

Paul Ivanov
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