[IPython-dev] msg_type moved to 'header'?

MinRK benjaminrk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 14:57:58 EDT 2011

Paul, thanks for the catch.

After chatting with Brian, I am going to restore the msg_id/msg_type aliases
to the top-level of the msg dict.  They have always been in the header,
because the header/parent/content are the only things sent over the wire.
 But it still makes sense for msg_id/msg_type to be accessible in the top
level of the dict.

I'll make sure the docs reflect this as well.  We should definitely be more
careful changing published specs.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 18:49, Paul Ivanov <pivanov314 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey there,
> I just updated trunk and had to spend some time tracking down why
> vim-ipython's shell wasn't working like it was in 0.11
> turns out that 'msg_type' moved from being just inside a messsage, to
> being inside a message's header, i.e. m['msg_type'] is now
> m['header']['msg_type']
> I made a pull request for a note about this backwards
> incompatible change to be included in development.txt - but
> wonder if this change is worth making. (ok, i see it is, figured
> it out as I wrote this)
> <naive me>
> I can imagine there might be folks out there writing ipython
> integrated applications using the messaging spec in 0.11, perhaps
> to interface with a text editor, that'll have to support both
> versions of the spec, but it's not clear what the win is of
> moving msg_type to the header.
> Do these hypothetical folks have to bite the bullet this time
> around, or might there be some recourse and a
> backwards-compatible reinstatement of 'msg_type' to top level.
> </naive me>
> oh, it looks like in 0.11 'msg_type' was replicated in both the
> top level and in the header, so the above all makes sense now,
> and top level removal is not that big of a deal.
> so consider this message being encouragement to document these
> type of changes as they're merged. :)
> best,
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