[IPython-dev] Hiring a junior developer on the scikit-learn

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org
Fri Sep 2 18:15:04 EDT 2011

Hi list,

Once again, we are looking for a junior developer to work on the
scikit-learn. Below is the official job posting. Unofficially I would
like to stress that this is a unique opportunity to be payed for two
years to work on learning and improving the scientific Python toolstack. 



**Job Description**

INRIA is looking to hire a young graduate on a 2-year position to help
with the community-driven development of the open source machine learning
in Python library, scikit-learn. The scikit-learn is one of the major
machine-learning libraries in Python. It aims to be state-of-the-art on
mid-size to large datasets by harnessing the power of the scientific
Python toolstack.

Speaking French is not a requirement, as it is an international team.


* Programming skills in Python and C/C++
* Understanding of quality assurance in software development: test-driven programming, version control, technical documentation.
* Some knowledge of Linux/Unix
* Software design skills
* Knowledge of open-source development and community-driven environments
* Good technical English level
* An experience in statistical learning or a mathematical-oriented mindset is a plus
* We can only hire a young-graduate that has received a masters or equivalent degree at most a year ago.

**About the company**

INRIA is the French computer science research institute. It recognized
word-wide as one of the leading research institutions and has a strong
expertise in machine learning. You will be working in the `Parietal team
<https://parietal.saclay.inria.fr/>`_ that makes a heavy use of Python
for brain imaging analysis.

Parietal is a small research team (around 10 people) with an excellent
technical knowledge of scientific and numerical computing in Python as
well as a fine understanding of algorithmic issues in machine learning
and statistics. Parietal is committed to investing in scikit-learn.

Working at Parietal is a unique opportunity to improve your skills in
machine learning and numerical computing in Python. In addition, working
full time on the scikit-learn, a very active open-source project, will
give you premium experience of open source community management and 
collaborative project development.

**Contact Info:**

* **Technical Contact**: Bertand Thirion
* **E-mail contact**: bertrand.thirion at inria.fr
* **HR Contact**: Marie Domingues
* **E-mail Contact**: marie.domingues at inria.fr 
* **No telecommuting**

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