[IPython-dev] Pull requests summary

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 07:11:14 EDT 2011

We're once again at risk of drowning in pull requests, so here's a summary,
roughly grouped by size:

- 754: [Min] restores something that was removed from the messaging protocol
since 0.11.
- 753: [Paul] (superseded by 754)
- 757: [Pedro Kroger] Fixes for ipython.el
- 750: [Valentin Haenel] Docs stuff. Should just need to rebuild the docs
and check the output.
- 748: [Brian] Excludes notebook tests if Tornado isn't present. I'll test
this in a minute.
- 725: [Min] Check for PySide/PyQT version for frontend. OKed by Eric.
- 722: [Thomas] Gets terminal IPython working on PyPy.

- 746: [Pauli Virtanen] Updates the autoreload extension and brings it out
of quarantine.
- 745: [Min] Protects the Qt console against failing history requests. Eric
has given it a thumbs up, but plans to work on a more general solution.
- 743: [Nicolas] Pyglet event loop integration.
- 742: [Nicolas] Glut event loop integration. Fernando has already dived
into reviewing it.
- 741: [Eric Firing] Keep plot windows interactive while in the pager. Has a
minor side effect.
- 736: [Satra] Authentication for web notebook. Extensive discussion with
Min & Brian.
- 668: [rabbitmcrabbit?] Updates the quarantined greedy completer. Some work
still to be done. Min/Fernando to give information on the config system.
- 664: [Erik] Updates for the documentation. I'll merge it in shortly.
- 622: [Jens Nielsen] Add config option for whether Pylab should import all.
Fernando to do final review.
- 506: [Martin Spacek] Makes return replicate the cell under the cursor, in
the Qt console. Martin to do some more work on it.

- 708: [Omar, Min, Thomas] Adds a simple terminal-based frontend for the ZMQ
protocol. We probably don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but it
would be good to offer it in some form, for people who're SSHing in and
can't install frontends on their own machine.
- 663: [Thomas] Python 3 compatibility work. Rebased after the notebook
work, but I need to rebase again. I'd also like some feedback on how best to
handle doctests, but that needn't block merging the PR.
- 648: [Thomas] Rework user namespaces and modules - should allow pickling
objects defined interactively. This goes to the heart of how we run code, so
it could do with a serious review.
- 507: [Thomas] Separate prompt manager from displayhook. Fernando, Min and
I were working this out, but we all got a bit busy. I'll send a separate
email about it.
- 433: (Superseded by 708, will close).

Thanks everyone,
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