[IPython-dev] Pull requests summary

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 22:28:39 EDT 2011

Thomas, many thanks for doing this.  Since we've actually manged to
make some progress and regain terrain, I'm updating your list with
what's currently left.  We should stress that we really welcome input
from *anyone* on pull requests! Reviewing a contribution from someone
else is a good way to start learning the project and its workflow, and
it helps the core team by having more eyes on new code.

So this is what's still on our plate:

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 4:11 AM, Thomas Kluyver <takowl at gmail.com> wrote:
> We're once again at risk of drowning in pull requests, so here's a summary,
> roughly grouped by size:
> Medium
> - 746: [Pauli Virtanen] Updates the autoreload extension and brings it out
> of quarantine.

I started the review on this one, should be fairly painless.

> - 743: [Nicolas] Pyglet event loop integration.
> - 742: [Nicolas] Glut event loop integration. Fernando has already dived
> into reviewing it.

I've got these two in progress.  Help from GL experts would be
welcome, as I mentioned in another thread.

> - 668: [rabbitmcrabbit?] Updates the quarantined greedy completer. Some work
> still to be done. Min/Fernando to give information on the config system.

Yup.  Min, if you can give the OP a bit of guidance on the Config
machinery here, that would be awesome.  I'll try to help as well.

> - 506: [Martin Spacek] Makes return replicate the cell under the cursor, in
> the Qt console. Martin to do some more work on it.

> Large:
> - 708: [Omar, Min, Thomas] Adds a simple terminal-based frontend for the ZMQ
> protocol. We probably don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but it
> would be good to offer it in some form, for people who're SSHing in and
> can't install frontends on their own machine.

This one is actually important in that it will help us finalize the
architectural breakdown into well-differentiated components that is
already under way.  It also means that it requires more bandwidth tahn
we have available right now.

> - 648: [Thomas] Rework user namespaces and modules - should allow pickling
> objects defined interactively. This goes to the heart of how we run code, so
> it could do with a serious review.

I'll get to this one as soon as we flush the rest of the easy stuff,
as it requires some dedicated effort.

> - 507: [Thomas] Separate prompt manager from displayhook. Fernando, Min and
> I were working this out, but we all got a bit busy. I'll send a separate
> email about it.

Already replied on that one, let's sort out the frontend_ns ideas and
we should be able to finish this one.

Thanks again for this status check!  We've fortunately (thanks to
everyone who's pitched in) made good progress since your original
email, so I think the disaster of death-by-PR-drowning has been
averted for now.



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