[IPython-dev] notebook questions

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Sat Sep 17 09:27:17 EDT 2011

On 9/17/11 12:25 AM, Brian Granger wrote:
> A notebook "Clone" capability is on our list as is version control
> integration.  But I should mention that our model for notebooks is
> quite different than that of Sage.  The notebook server stores the
> notebook documents as JSON text files in the cwd of the notebook.
> There is no "notebook database" involved and we encourage storing the
> notebook files alongside the rest of your project files.  What this
> means is that all you have to do to get version control for notebooks
> is do "git init" in the directory containing the notebooks.
> Obviously, we want more integration in the future, but this simple
> model works today.

So at this stage, it sounds like:

* if a person is personally working on some files, the ipython notebook 
is a lightweight web interface

* if a server is being set up for lots of people, the sage notebook is a 
much heavier-weight web interface

and small groups is where the lines are blurred.

This also answers my questions about attaching files to worksheets, etc. 
  It sounds like an pynb file should be thought of as basically a .py 
file (i.e., just some code to be run), with output possibly also saved 
and other explanatory text.

Whereas in Sage, a worksheet .sws file is more like the entire directory 
containing code to be executed, supporting files, etc.


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