[IPython-dev] Fwd: [Nipy-devel] Travis CI automated testing

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 11:55:19 EDT 2012

On 3 April 2012 16:09, Satrajit Ghosh <satra at mit.edu> wrote:
> in relation to shining panda, another CI server. [travis-ci]

At a glance, that does look good, and they have an impressive list of
sponsors. But I'd like to give it some more time, because they don't
yet appear to have any business model, and I don't want to be hopping
to each new offering only to move away when it has to balance the

Shiningpanda is also working very well for us, and we've taken the
time to set up advanced features like coverage metrics and structured
output that lets us click through to individual failing tests.


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