[IPython-dev] High-quality pdf output (pdflatex) directly from notebooks

Jason Chin cschin at infoecho.net
Mon Apr 30 04:19:24 EDT 2012

Look great.(even on a phone)
Congratulate! any dependence? Latex?
Lot of random thing at work, but I am looking forward to sending my co-worker some high quality output. 

--Jason Chin, sent from a mobile device

On Apr 30, 2012, at 1:02 AM, Fernando Perez <fperez.net at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> This pdf file:
> http://archive.ipython.org/tmp/IntroNumPy.pdf
> was produced without a single manual change, straight from the
> notebook in the tarball next to it.  We're getting to the point where
> we can really produce very nice PDFs straight from the notebook!
> If you want to see this in master, please come along and help with the
> code review (it also has the instructions to reproduce it yourself):
> https://github.com/ipython/nbconvert/pull/12
> I hope we'll have this moved over soon, so we can polish it further
> and can make notebooks part of a regular publishing workflow.
> Ouch, my wrists hurt now.  But it was a weekend well spent, I think...
> Cheers,
> f
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