[IPython-dev] Opening Notebooks from the cmd line

Satrajit Ghosh satra at mit.edu
Mon Apr 30 13:08:10 EDT 2012

hi puneeth

> I was looking for comments on the utility of a feature and the
> implementation, before I spent too much time on it.  I would like to be
> able to open a notebook directly from the command line, without showing
> the dashboard.  I couldn't find such a feature possible, and I came up
> with some rough code[1] to do the same.  Would such a feature be useful?

+1 this would be a useful feature as it cuts down on a few strokes.
especially if i can just point to a notebook without cd-ing to that

> Would it be better to clean up the code and send it as a PR to get
> comments on it?

it's good to announce on the list, but it is always useful to have some of
the pertinent discussion be attached to the code on a github PR.


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