[IPython-dev] Static View for the Notebook

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 20:05:16 EDT 2012

Hi all

I was writing a blog post in the Notebook yesterday and wanted to post
a bit of feedback.

I was writing the English in Markdown cells and writing Python
examples in code cells, as you'd expect. Once I was happy with the
code example, I would indent the whole cell one extra level and
convert it to a markdown cell, so it could be merged into the markdown
cells around it. This was a bit clumsy, but worked ok.

I was thinking it might be possible to have a way of automating
something like this. Imagine you press a button and every code cell in
the notebook would indent and convert to a markdown cell, then every
cell would be merged into one big markdown super cell and rendered.

This should be a view, it shouldn't change the notebook content
itself, so users could toggle in and out of the view.

It'd be really nice if this feature could also display this super cell
as markdown and as plain html, so it could be copied into forums and
web pages easily.

It was just an idea I thought I'd share. I haven't any code for it or
anything, but wondered if it made sense to others.



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