[IPython-dev] Moving all dev docs and IPEPs to github

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 03:04:35 EDT 2012

On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 10:02 PM, Brian Granger <ellisonbg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I propose that we transition all of our dev docs (those focused on
> developing IPython itself) to the github IPython wiki.

I think that's sensible, but only if we also move the existing wiki
(we've talked about that in the past, with several people in favor,
and Thomas graciously indicating that despite his time being the
largest 'sunk cost' here he wouldn't object either).  I don't mind the
current wiki as much as others, but what I do *not* want is to have
two wikis again.

So if we're going to activate the github wiki, then that should be our
*only* wiki.  That means we'll need to migrate both the current wiki
and the current dev docs to it.

I'm sort of +0.5 on the idea, and will happily go along if other devs
feel it will really make things better for them.

> I also propose that we host all IPEPs at this same location for
> everyone to edit and view in one place (rather than individual gists).

Yes, my putting the first IPEP on a gist was just a quick experiment.
At the time, I was thinking we could make a separate repo for IPEPS.
But since the wiki *is* a repo, it would satisfy the criteria I had in
mind at the time (easier access to all IPEPs in one place, easy
updates for anyone who proposes one, ...).

> I also propose that we start to think about doing some more deliberate
> planning for the project (like a roadmap) and that we keep that on the
> wiki.

Yes, this is something that we've been hinting and where we
occasionally drop half-discussions on the list, but having a bit of
organization is starting to be necessary.  I don't believe in overly
detailed roadmaps, because the nature of open source work is a highly
organic, evolutionary process driven by a combination of individual
interests and the PR review process acting as selective pressure.  So
I think there's little point in trying to 'dictate' via a roadmap what
the project needs to be...

But where I think there's a lot of value, and that we have a genuine
need, is in helping us all understand what the 'big ideas' are, what
the main lines of work for the project are and if anyone in particular
is already tackling one or not, so that people can coordinate a bit.
So I think that this roadmap would mostly be in a sense a place to
suggest directions for work that may need an IPEP, or where one or
more people may want to coordinate efforts.

With that loose definition of roadmap, I'm all for it and I think it
will help us all work better...



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