[IPython-dev] Style Rules for Notebook

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 08:46:54 EDT 2012

I agree with Thomas; the styles should be applied by default, but easy
to disable. That'd make much more sense. And yeah, you and Matthias
are right about Google Fonts. Drop that completely.

Matthias, I couldn't edit the h1 tags. It does strange things to the
IPython Notebook logo at the top of the page. So I had to start with
h2. You said you didn't like the CSS for h2; that's fair enough. It
doesn't really say 'IPython Notebook'.

The footer doesn't work very well, but it would be nice to have some
way to add a footer to a notebook easily. This way just probably isn't
the right way to do that.

You mentioned Brian switching to bootstrap. I'm not sure what
bootstrap is in this context??

I'm glad you both like the basic idea. I'll redo the notebook, without
the external font and with a more appropriate h2, and see if we can
converge on some CSS that everyone's happy with. I'll put the file on
GitHub, and it can be viewed with nbviewer, as it might take a few
iterations to get it looking nice for everyone.



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