[IPython-dev] IPython stats

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 08:48:04 EDT 2012

I thought I'd just collate a few statistics on IPython's impact.

Since we released 0.13 at the end of June, it has been downloaded from
PyPI over 52 000 times, an average of around 1000 downloads per day.
Of the 5400 downloads of Windows installers, 28% were for Python 3
versions (we don't have a breakdown for other types of installation).

On Ubuntu, the popularity contest statistics report 50 000
installations, which is just over 2% of the reporting base.
(Apparently popularity contest is not enabled by default, so how many
installations that really represents is unclear.)

On a typical weekday, the website has about 10 000 impressions from
Google searches, of which approximately 1000 click through to
something on the ipython.org domain. It drops off markedly at
weekends. Most of it seems to be driven by people searching
specifically about IPython. The most common generic term creating
search impressions is 'python shell', but we rarely get above 3rd
position for that, and click through is only 6%.

Carl and I are preparing a second IPython user survey, so hopefully
we'll have some more statistics to share soon.


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