[IPython-dev] Anyone encountering IndentationError issues in the notebook?

Dmitry Chichkov dchichkov at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 15:08:54 EDT 2012


Wanted to check, if any of you are encountering any IndentationError issues
with the notebook, or is it just me?

I'm using development version of codemirror (corrected as per
README-IPython.rst), and some times I'm encountering:

   IndentationError: expected an indented block

1. with no line numbers or other context information;
2. caused by a mix of '4 spaces' / 'tabs', invisible in the editor;
3. by itself caused by codemirror, which disregards a tabMode:"spaces"

I've temporarily fixed it for myself, by converting all tabs into 4 spaces
during every save.
And saving/reloading the notebook [if I encounter that problem]. But I'm
not entirely happy with that.

Anyone else hitting the same problem?

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