[IPython-dev] On my recent absence: thanks to the whole team!

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 21:16:09 EDT 2012

Hi folks,

I just wanted to drop a couple of words explaining what happened
recently with me, which should mostly be obvious now that you heard of
John's death.  As you all know, ipython and matplotlib have a close
and productive relationship; while some of this is due to technical
reasons, it is also true that the friendship between John and I helped
keep things moving.

John and I were very close friends, and from the moment I heard of his
diagnosis (~ one month ago) I spent a significant amount of time
trying to help in various ways; this meant scrapping most of my
IPython bandwidth.  Then as things took a turn for the worse, I flew
to Chicago and spent the last two weeks there, providing any
assistance I could to John and his family.

I did update via private email the core devs, and I want to thank
everyone who has pitched in really hard to keep things moving.
IPython will only thrive when none of us is a bottleneck, and I'm
thrilled to see that our team is healthy enough to manage a situation
like this (which also coincided with Brian being mostly offline due to
complicated moving logistics).

I am now back to a regular workflow, but as you can imagine the
backlog of a 2+ weeks unplanned work blackout is pretty nasty, and it
will take me a while to get back on top of things here.

Anyway, I promised in a recent thread that I'd explain why I wasn't
answering anything in a useful way...

Thanks again to everyone who has pitched in.  And please
tweet/blog/etc the link to the John Hunter Memorial Fund:


so that we can make it as successful as possible.

Matthias suggested adding a link to that on our main page, and I think
it's a great idea.  The more visibility we can give this, the better.



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