[IPython-dev] custom web notebook cells

Nicholas Bollweg nick.bollweg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 12:26:48 EST 2012

i have checked out the jshandlers branch and gotten all the stuff working
with the nx example. very cool! exactly the example i needed to get started.

i now see how the %load can be used, but still find the static asset
population cantankerous. my initial implementation copies the assets to the
current profile's static for you, but this still takes an app restart to
take effect. require can't come soon enough!

you hit it on the head re: jsonhandlers for input vs output. i would
ideally inject a widget into CodeCell.prototype.create_element to create my
blockly editor... right now doing a kernel-side Blockly class that
represents as a JSON object to trigger my handler, which then shows a
blockly editor, which, when updated the next code block and executes it...
Hack, sure. Want to see if it works!

a little more meta:
one of the best things I've seen for truly nice js/css plugins is
kickstrap... the "app store" feel is also very cool... desirable for
ipython? to my knowledge, however, it doesn't allow for addition of
apps/themes/extras at runtime, really. I do think bootstrap is worth a
look, though... There's already a theme on that looks like the current
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