[IPython-dev] [ANNOUNCE] oscopy v0.71-rc1: electrical simulation results viewer

Arnaud Gardelein arnaud at oscopy.org
Sat Dec 15 18:31:01 EST 2012

I'm very pleased to announce the first release candidate for Oscopy
v0.71. For those just tuning in, Oscopy is a plotting program based on
IPython for viewing and post-processing results of electrical
simulations (more details on oscopy website [1]). Documentation can be
found here [2].

Main user-visible change of this version:
* Support for new input data format: spice2, spice3, touchstone, ...
* New zooming functions: mouse-wheel support, x10 mode, span
* Figure windows reworked: new operation bar, scrollbars for panning
* Command line options restored: batch mode, interactive, quiet
* Duplicate Signals are renamed on file reading
* Update of User Manual
* Now installation is needed to run oscopy.

Main developer-visible changes:
* Separation between back-end (oscopy) and front-end (ioscopy)

And of course a lot of bug fixes.

Significant improvements were performed on the look and feel of the
graphical interface and input file formats. Before releasing the v0.71 I
eagerly need a feedback on those changes to make sure I'm going in the
right direction, this is why I announce a RC here.

I would really appreciate if you could give a try to this version: check
out this RC, verify it installs correctly, and test it. I kindly ask you
to report any bugs on oscopy-dev mailing list
(mailto:oscopy-dev at oscopy.org) in CC of this message.

The source code is hosted at repo.or.cz: http://repo.or.cz/w/oscopy.git

My apologies for the multiples posts.


[1] http://oscopy.org
[2] http://oscopy.org/wiki/_media/oscopy/ioscopy-manual-071.pdf

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