[IPython-dev] function specific tab completion via annotations

Robert McGibbon rmcgibbo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 02:27:35 EST 2012


I just posted a new PR for annotation based custom tab completion. https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/2701

The code is fairly complex (~1000 new lines), so I assume that there are bugs. For that reason (and because its fun!), I encourage people
to try taking it out for a spin.

It lets you do things like this:
In [1]: from IPython.extensions.completion import tab_complete, globs_to,  literal

In [2]: @tab_complete
  ...: def baz(x) -> str:
  ...:     pass

In [3]: baz(notevaluated).<TAB>
.capitalize  .find        .isspace     .partition   .rstrip      .translate
.center      .format      .istitle     .replace     .split       .upper
.count       .index       .isupper     .rfind       .splitlines  .zfill
.decode      .isalnum     .join        .rindex      .startswith
.encode      .isalpha     .ljust       .rjust       .strip
.endswith    .isdigit     .lower       .rpartition  .swapcase
.expandtabs  .islower     .lstrip      .rsplit      .title

And this:
In [4]: @tab_complete
   ...: def foo(x : globs_to('*.txt'), mode : literal('r', 'w')):
   ...:     pass

In [5]: foo(<TAB>
'COPYING.txt'        'dist/'              'setupext/'
'IPython/'           'docs/'              'tools/'
'__pycache__/'       'ipython.egg-info/'
'build/'             'scripts/'

In[6]: foo('COPYING.txt', <TAB>
'r', 'w'

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