[IPython-dev] Notebook CodeCell for editing and executing javascript

Nicholas Bollweg nick.bollweg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 08:50:01 EST 2012

Welcome nissim!

sorry for no real links, on my phone!

good ideas! smart to ask the list, first, too! I failed to do so, and ended
up doing a lot of stuff that falls under a big upcoming JS/html refactor.

Check out the "custom web notebook cells" threads for the current state of
thinking. also, don't get discouraged if the answer is "not just yet"! the
core devs are interested in our ideas, and will help us understand the core
design principles.

I recommend grabbing ellisonbg/ipython at jsonhandlers and  the
ipython/jsplugins off Github for the current state of the art (d3graph is a
good learning example, and pytutor is... Crazy cool)... I have built a
proof of concept visual code editor which uses two
cells(bollwyvl/ipython at blockly), and we're trying to figure out how to make
it better, specifically with closer integration with CM3.

There is also IPEP5 on the main ipython/ipython Github wiki, which talks
about some of the larger trends in JS... I don't think first-class JS
editing is mentioned there, but as you will hear frequently, the "python"
in "ipython" is just a stand-in for "everything"! this means the web
notebook is not the only driver of the technologies... What would JS be
like in the qt notebook? Would we embed a webkit frame?

I look forward to working with you!
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