[IPython-dev] Python 3 on Windows

Daniel Griffith daniel.dang.griffith at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 08:31:29 EST 2012

Is anyone else using IPython on Python 3 on Windows?
Based on earlier posts, I'm guessing I'm in the minority.

I found two small problems--one related to Python 3 strings
vs bytes (the SList nlstr and spstr functions fail) and one
related to the rehashx in the Windows environment.
(And part of the rehashx problem also applies to the posix
environment, but it's minor.)

I have worked out the/a solution/fix. I can install a Python 2.7
version and validate that it doesn't cause problems there.

What's the best way to submit these changes? Should I
sign up on github?

FYI, for the first problem, here is the fixed code (spstr is similar) from
    def get_nlstr(self):
            return self.__nlstr
        except AttributeError:
                self.__nlstr = '\n'.join(self)
            except TypeError:
                self.__nlstr = '\n'.join(map(str,self))
            return self.__nlstr

The second problem is a little more complex. The code
in core/magic.py::magic_rehashx doesn't do what the docstring says, ignores
the no_alias variable, and (the part that caused me grief),
after looking up the executable filename extensions,
ignores them and only adds 'exe' files. In addition,
neither the posix or Windows paths check if the
alias is already in syscmdlist; this can make redundant entries
in the syscmdlist. I don't think this causes problems, but it
seems inconsistent with the idea of executing the first
matching executable in the PATH.

Again, what's the best way to submit these changes? Should I
sign up on github?

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