[IPython-dev] Keyword option for sync_imports and feature request...

Ben Edwards bedwards at cs.unm.edu
Fri Feb 3 14:03:12 EST 2012

Think I sent this yesterday using the wrong email so it got
rejected(silently?). If it's a duplicate I apologize...

Two questions. Would it be possible to add a verbose or quiet keyword
option to sync_imports so it does not print

"importing %s from %s on engine(s)"

For each module importing on engines. If this is a worthwhile idea I'll
make a pull request, with whatever default you guys thinks is reasonable.

Also why is sync_imports in the DirectView class but not the
LoadBalancedView class? I usually use LoadBalancedView, so having to create
a DirectView instance just for some imports clutters my code ever so
slightly. Is there a subtle difference I am missing? If not perhaps we can
add the function to the View class so both inherit it?

Ben Edwards
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