[IPython-dev] notebook questions an aesthetic details

Chris Kees cekees at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 15:21:11 EST 2012


Having a great time here using the notebook. I just want to tweak a couple
of display details and was hoping I could get some pointers:

- Is there a way to do multiline equations (i.e. \begin{eqnarray}...)?
- I'd like to make my plots bigger. Do I do that from matplotlib or the
- I'd like to make my subplots spread apart even wider than the
squeeze=false option to the subplots command. Should I be looking at
matplotlib or ipython docs to do that? I can get by with just making
multiple plots instead of subplots.
- My plots appear to be bitmaps, can I make the default SVG?
- Is there a way to make a plot not display in the browser? I'm generating
an animation that I include via HTML(), but the first frame always shows up
as a plot underneath the animation frame

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