[IPython-dev] how to pitch in to help IPython (documentation)

Paul Ivanov pivanov314 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 03:33:16 EST 2012

Greetings friends of IPython! 

If you use and love IPython as much as I do - then surely it
deserves to receive a little bit of one-on-one attention and
personalized care from you (as all beloved packaged should). 

"But how do I get started? It seems like I need a PhD in ZeroMQ to
even start, and my [forthcoming?] degree is in X, not ZeroMQ!"

Fear not! One easy, but very valuable way to contribute is by
improving the documentation. Take a look at this pull request:

There are probably many-many instances of such doc-only
improvements which can be made all throughout IPython. It would
be a good opportunity for someone with time on their hands to go
through, spot places where small ReST changes would improve
readability, and spend the time to iteratively improving and
rebuilding the docs to verify these changes.

All you'll have to do is run `make html` in your ipython/docs
directory - which luckily only takes a long time to build the docs the
first time - after that, each run essentially only rebuilds the
portions which were changed from the previous. And you'll feel

Consider this parting thought: Fernando Perez started IPython
as his PhD thesis *procrastination* project. Isn't it time you
joined (or renewed your commitment to) such a rich tradition?

Paul Ivanov
314 address only used for lists,  off-list direct email at:
http://pirsquared.org | GPG/PGP key id: 0x0F3E28F7 

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