[IPython-dev] IPython notebook

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 21:15:29 EST 2012

Hi Todd,

BTW, the similarities in the IPython notebook with Mathematica  are
not accidental, you may find this informative:


BTW, we're already using the notebook for teaching at Berkeley, just
last week I had a visualization lecture:


for which the notebooks and data are up on github:


Coming closer to neuroscience, let me know
(fernando.perez at berkeley.edu) and I can put you in touch with some
folks at MIT and NYU who have been using the notebook 'in anger' for
fMRI analysis.  Unfortunately at the last minute I decided against
presenting this kind of thing at HBM China this year, but we can
certainly discuss it further if you are interested.

We want to turn the notebook into something *better* than Mathematica
for research, education and publishing, so by all means jump in with
ideas (or even better, with code contributions!).



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