[IPython-dev] Should we change the reply-to line on the lists?

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 19:41:33 EST 2012

Hey folks,

it seems we keep on getting people confused by the need to hit
reply-all.  There's endless debates on the merits of either approach
online and I'm not super-interested in a deep, philosophical
discussion about the well-being of the internet, just on making a
simple and pragmatic decision that works *for us*.

I'm so used to typing 'a' (the gmail shortcut for reply-all) that this
has never bothered me, but I'm ok changing.  I can always manually
change it to reply to the poster only if I want...

Note that the setting we're using is listed as "*strongly
recommended*" (emphasis theirs) in the mailman interface and is the
default.  I've just followed their advice for a long time, but I see
problems cropping up again and again, thus I'm willing to revisit the

The change takes me two seconds to make, so I just want to hear if
people really would be happier with it being made.



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