[IPython-dev] browser support tests for HTML/JS features

Chris Kees cekees at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 10:39:26 EST 2012


Has their been much discussion on how the IPython Notebook is going to
support users and developers trying to debug browser and HTML/JS issues? I
ask becauseI spent some time over the weekend fooling with some animations,
the related HTML5, and various browsers. I find that chrome, for example,
appears to display videos fine in some formats on HTML5 test pages but not
in the Notebook whereas Safari and Firefox have inconsistent support as
well.  Since the notebook is inherently dependent on browser capabilities
it seems like a strategy for differentiating between browser issues (i.e.
those that need to be pushed back to Google/Apple/Mozilla) and IPython
Notebook issues might be worthwhile.

If you're interested in the video and image display tests, I made a public
repository of some simple notebooks at
https://github.com/erdc-cm/proteus-notebooks. Most of these will not run
for most of you because they require either our PDE code Proteus and/or a
package for conservation laws called PyClaw. The one that may be of general
interest is display_test.ipynb. It brings in various image and animation
files in what I think is proper HTML5 via IPython.core.display.HTML.
Somebody handy with matplotlib could easily remove the dependency on the
files and generate the images and animations inline.

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