[IPython-dev] [OT] Follow the notebook development on Google+

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Mon Jan 16 05:45:01 EST 2012

Sorry for becoming off-topic, but I feel compelled to reply once more:

Am Samstag, 14. Januar 2012, 15:29:16 schrieb Kevin Buchs:
> Just a thought or two on your concern about Google tracking you. I think
> you could have a Google account and login/logout whenever you need the
> account, […] If you are concerned about cookies being read by Google search
> (I don't think that is the case) then you can never save login information.

Of course, logging out is *totally independent of tracking* nowadays.
Heck, *even without a Google account*, you need to disable tracking (via IP 
addresses and cookies) via the settings icon in the above right corner. [1]
With an account, it only becomes worse.

> Also a worthy alternative would be to grab a second browser and use that
> just for Google+ work.

Using a second browser, private browsing modes, or a second user profile could 
indeed help, but requires some thought and discipline (i.e. prone to fail for 

> I, on the other hand, tend to think of Google as a machine, not a person.
> Thus far their marketing efforts have had extremely minimal negative impact
> on my life but all the free tools they provide have been superior to many
> commercial alternatives.

I would really like to use many of their services, because they are great, and 
I know I am missing something, but I seriously care about my data.
It has become ridiculously easy to collect data about people, and to 
losslessly and invisibly copy any amount of data any number of times to any 
place all around the globe, and then there is no way you can ever find out who 
has what kind of data about you.
At least, I do not want to help them with the data mining.

Have a nice day,

[1] No, I am not talking about Facebook, which goes even beyond that,
    but look here: http://www.google.de/history/optout

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