[IPython-dev] notebook idea: reST rendering of docstrings?

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Fri Jan 27 04:40:51 EST 2012

Hi again,

along similar lines, when I call 'help(subprocess)', the output contains a 
docs.python.org URL.  It would be desirable to be able to click on it.

In general, I could imagine making URLs in the output clickable.
(http, https, mailto:, maybe also plain email addresses and other protocols 
like ftp, …)

After all, it feels quite ridiculous to copy URLs from HTML in the browser 
into the address bar…

I am not sure which way would be better:
1) using JS to parse the output cells and add markup, or
2) formatting the output in python.

I would obviously prefer Python coding over JS, but maybe 2) would be more 
feasible given the current architecture (JSON, notebook storage, …).


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