[IPython-dev] Status of printing in the notebook

Mark Voorhies mark.voorhies at ucsf.edu
Sat Jan 28 21:22:03 EST 2012

I just started using the notebook yesterday (following an upgrade to Firefox 9)
and it's awesome -- so much so that I'm switching to it for everyday work and
am planning to teach from it in April.  

One thing I would like to hack on is an equivalent to the qtconsole's "export
with inlined images" (xhtml+svg / html+inlined png) function (so that I can
save/e-mail finished work as a single file with no dependencies).

The print window circa a50ac36bd554 looks like the right starting point (it
would just need inlining of the css and images), but it looks like this version
was scrapped when the wijmo menus were added and that there now may be
different ideas for printing (https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/1292).

So -- is this a good time to start working on this sort of inlining (and, if so,
which code should I be looking at) or would it be better to wait for the next
print window revision (and is there an issue/PR that I should be watching
for this)?



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