[IPython-dev] Quitting (qt)console without killing kernel

Erik Tollerud erik.tollerud at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 19:32:03 EST 2012

I've been caught up in other things and haven't been following
developments over the last few months, but I'm really impressed by a
lot of the recent new work on ipython - I know this has probably been
internalized by most of you now, but the polished notebook is
particularly impressive-looking!

One feature that seems to have disappeared since I last did a "git
pull upstream master", though: the option of starting the qtconsole
(or, now, even better, the 2-process terminal console), and quitting
the frontend without killing the kernel.  It used to be that a
yes/no/cancel dialog appeared allowing the option of killing one or
both, but now it seems only possible to kill everything.  Similarly,
the exit function used to have an option to let the console stay
alive, but that doesn't seem to do anything now.  Is this a conscious
design choice, or was it a temporary simplification?

Erik Tollerud

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