[IPython-dev] Notebook development plans

Jason Grout jason-sage at creativetrax.com
Tue Jan 31 22:19:17 EST 2012

On 1/31/12 8:28 PM, Brian Granger wrote:
> Hi,
> You may have noticed that the pace of notebook development has
> accelerated recently.  The reason behind this is that Fernando, Min
> and I have some DoD funding to work on the notebook/IPython.parallel
> this year.  Through late March, I am working full time on the notebook
> and after that I will continue to spend a significant fraction of my
> time on the notebook through summer.
> A number of you have started to contribute to the notebook.  We
> greatly appreciate this as there is *much* to be done.  We have been
> doing some planning and wanted to bring everyone up to speed.
> * Increasingly, the notebook is moving in the direction of being a
> full blown multiuser web-app with notions of multiple directories,
> projects, sharing, publishing, etc.  This will involve a massive
> amount of design work and there are many stakeholders involved.  We
> plan on doing much of this design work at PyCon.  Please let us know
> if you will be there and we will work hard to include everyone.

It sounds like the lines between the sage notebook and the ipython 
notebook are blurring.  That's a good thing, I think.  You guys have a 
much more modular, up-to-date design.  And we'd like to expand the sage 
notebook to cover workflows that more closely mimic working at the 
command line.

I won't be at PyCon, but I'm curious if there will be other Sage 
notebook developers there (I'm CCing the Sage notebook mailing list). 
It would be good to collaborate.



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